At Core Scientific, we operate with the highest integrity, cultivate a culture of compliance, and seek out opportunities that help benefit our customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work. To that end, we are focused on two immediate priorities: Minimizing our ecological footprint and maximizing the positive economic impact we have on our communities.


A primary focus for Core Scientific is ensuring that our digital asset mining and AI model training operations are not only profitable, but sustainable for the long term. As electricity is the primary input in digital mining, and the key determining factor in our carbon footprint, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our business and the environment. We believe that the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to proceed with long term digital mining at scale, is through carbon-free power sources. 

As the largest digital asset mining operation in North America, we take pride in ensuring that the power mix that energizes our fleet is based on as much carbon-free power as possible. To date, 46% of our electricity comes from carbon-free sources, including solar, wind, hydro, nuclear and others. As we continue to scale, we will be focused on maximizing our mix of carbon-neutral and renewable energy sources, while remaining cost competitive. 

Community Impact

At Core Scientific, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and operate. We are a large and growing career creator in economic opportunity zones, helping to turn "rust belt" regions into the digital asset backbone of the United States. To that end, we have repurposed underutilized manufacturing facilities and turned them into digital asset mining powerhouses. 

The benefits to engaging in this redevelopment are many. First, we have been able to create skilled, high paying jobs in the communities in which we operate. Second, we have invested in our people, ensuring they have a career path that is clear and meaningful. Third, by seeking out existing facilities, we have been able to save time, money, and have avoided the impact on the environment associated with building from scratch.


Our Commitment

As a company we are committed to building a thriving, environmentally friendly blockchain infrastructure that positively impacts the communities in which we operate and positions the United States as a premier destination for digital mining operations.