Core Scientific and AWS are partnering to bring our customers a fully managed, easy to use HPC and AI cloud service based on AWS. With the Core Scientific and AWS Partnership, our customers will benefit with:

  • Optimized usage of on-prem and cloud resources resulting in improved productivity and TCO
  • Optimal large scale cloud deployments for complex HPC workloads
  • Fully managed, easy-to-use, HPC & AI cloud services based on AWS

Designed for Data Scientists, by Data Scientists, the Core Scientific Plexus™ software stack is your single pane of glass that allows you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure investment, and optimize for what matters most to you: time or cost. 

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HighPerformanceComputing ISV Partner



Plexus HPC-ops control plane provides turn-key integration with AWS Computing infrastructure. This enables customer to manage, orchestrate and run HPC workloads backed by best-in-class AWS computing infrastructure. Our Fine-grained-scheduler (FGS) supports the capability to run  embarrassingly parallel workloads over course-grained compute, therefore maximizing customer ROI.

Plexus is a hybrid-cloud platform that combines the right infrastructure in AWS with existing on-prem resources customers may own. With our single-pane-of-glass, Plexus provides a consistent workflow across infrastructure, reducing the need to retrain end-users.



Running Petascale Seismic Applications on AWS

In a case study with Petrobras, we show that using Plexus you can deploy multi-petaflop simulation workloads that can perform on the cloud just as well as they do on special purpose on-premise datacenter resources.

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UnitX Delivers Data Science Workshops, Powered by Core Scientific Plexus

UnitX, one of our strategic technology partners in Saudi Arabia delivering a regional solution, conducted a series of AI-focused workshops using their hybrid multi-cloud platform called Sentient, which is powered by Plexus. The workshops showed how  it is easy to create high-performing AWS popup clusters  and deploy multi-node engineering workloads on them with minimal expertise, powered by Core Scientific’s Platform as a Service: Plexus. 

In the course of the workshop with scientists and engineers, UnitX needed to easily create a multi-node HPC cluster experience for simulations experiments and testing. The best solution was to do this on AWS, using the Plexus feature to pop-up on demand multi-node AWS clusters. This typically complex procedure had cluster’s ready to use in seconds with a very user friendly access.

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We know AI projects take time, budget and lots of persistence. We're here to help you make the most of your AWS implementation and your AI infrastructure.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of your AI Environment.
  • Improve the Efficiency of your Data Science and MLOps teams.
  • Optimize ROI for HPC Compute on your large-scale cloud deployments.

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