Core Scientific Welcomes Ashu Swami as Chief Product Officer for Blockchain

In this leadership role, Swami will be creating, refining and managing blockchain-based products and service offerings.

BELLEVUE, WA — March 9, 2021 Core Scientific, the largest digital asset mining operation in North America, announced today that Ashu Swami will serve as its Chief Product Officer for Blockchain. The move underscores the company’s ongoing efforts to continue scaling operations and, in turn, helping transform the United States into a global digital asset mining leader.

As CPO for Blockchain, Swami, an expert in hardware, storage and networking, will lead the creation of blockchain products and service offerings and will support Core Scientific’s growing blockchain-hosting business by providing product and technical leadership.

Swami joins Core Scientific from Apifiny, a leading digital asset marketplace, where he worked as Chief Technology Officer to build products connecting centralized financial institutions with decentralized exchanges. Swami brings noteworthy experience in the field of digital asset mining. In addition to serving as chief advisor to Intel’s mining operations, in 2017 he developed a predictive model for gauging return on investment for digital mining.

Kevin Turner, Core Scientific’s CEO, notes that Swami is positioned to help Core Scientific continue to meet soaring institutional demand. The timing is especially important given increasing efforts by countries around the world to establish themselves as hubs for digital assets and bitcoin mining. North America is fast becoming one of the world’s foremost venues for digital asset mining thanks to a variety of attractive features, including growing regulatory clarity and access to reliable energy and financial resources.

“This is an important moment for Core Scientific as we experience meteoric growth, and I can’t think of a more qualified person to bring onto the team, than Ashu,” Turner said. “He brings a wealth of blockchain experience and knowledge -- especially when it comes to mining efficiently at scale. We’re excited about the possibilities not only for Core Scientific but for digital mining in North America as a whole.”

With his predictive model for digital mining ROI, Swami pioneered and launched “mining swaps” to hedge against market risk that yielded over 35% returns in 2018. He also ran three man-less digital mining data centers and made electrical networking and hardware inventions in IoT and robotics, enabling fully automated data centers. During his work with Intel, he led the ideation, build-out and market strategy of the most power efficient chips of that time on 7nm node. In addition to having several blockchain patents pending, he has led product development and R&D to create blockchain-based payment systems and a crypto-exchange aggregator.

In 2009, Ashu was a member of the RCT Project team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that went on to win the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics.

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