Core Scientific launches the Cloud for Data Scientists™

Core Scientific is providing accelerated GPU compute tuned to the demands of deep learning and AI

Press Release

Core Scientific is providing accelerated GPU compute tuned to the demands of deep learning and AI

Bellevue, WA — July 17, 2019 — Core Scientific today announced it has launched the Cloud for Data Scientists™ that combines the best-in-class NVIDIA DGX-2 Systems and the latest Flash Blade solutions to deliver an on-demand AI solution for advanced Data Science work. It is a complete solution for deep learning, and includes the Core Scientific aiLab™ for customers to train large models.

Core Scientific is a leader in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies, delivering best-in-class infrastructure and software solutions. Core Scientific is a NVIDIA DGX-Ready colocation partner, with a try-and-buy option that let enterprises test drive NVIDIA DGX solutions, and a GPU-as-a-service option that lets businesses access DGX powered compute in an affordable model.

Ian Ferriera, Chief Product Officer for AI at Core Scientific said, “We curated the best-in-class componentry across the hardware and software landscape to build the Cloud for Data Scientists™. Our goal is to empower data scientists to take on the most challenging problems. By partnering with the leaders in GPU hardware and software we are able to deliver on this promise.

The aiLab™ provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools built from the ground up specifically for the needs of Data Scientists. Using best-in-class hardware and GPU accelerated software, it is a complete on-demand solution for deep learning customers that frequently train large models and struggle to complete their work on commodity hardware.

Rami Safadi, Chief Data Officer at Jam City, is a customer: “At Jam City, we rely on AI to guide game design and transform our business. Core Scientific’s cloud has enhanced how we utilize data and allowed us to analyze billions of rows of data per day. We have seen a significant increase in speed enabling us to train an entirely new set of winning AI business models.