DGX-Ready Data Center

Ready to house your NVIDIA DGX System

NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center


Powerful Data Science and Research tools for Deep Learning and Advanced Analytics


At Core Scientific, we are building data centers for accelerated AI that scales to massive data sets and delivers computational performance for the most complex of deep learning challenges.

That’s because data science is at the core of our business.

As a data science innovator, we walk in the shoes of our customers every-day, solving the same complex AI business problems that they face, using the same technology that they use. Advanced AI cloud and colocation services require a specialist partner providing the latest GPU acceleration and ultra-high-speed storage.  Core Scientific’s NVIDIA-certified DGX-Ready data centers provide:

  • AI Lab for POCs on DGX-1 and DGX-2
  • Optimized with scale-out Flash Storage
  • Kubernetes management and Jupyter Notebooks for rapid POC provisioning 
  • Local Connect to Express Routes
  • No egress fees
  • White glove setup with dedicated 24/7 tech ops and security
  • Time scheduling software
  • GPU database expertise
  • Both colocation and opex-based AI Optimized Cloud solutions



Partnering with the leaders in AI supercomputing systems, Core Scientific now offers the industry’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure (AIRI) solution. Powered by Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX servers, AIRI offers simple, fast, and future-proof infrastructure to meet your AI and deep-learning needs

AI-at-scale is an advantage: More compute = faster training, more data = higher accuracy

AIRI is the ideal solution for organizations growing from data scientists to teams of data scientists.  AIRI keeps data science teams productive at any scale and helps them integrate AI insights into broader analytics strategies. Best of all, Core Scientific and AIRI let data scientists focus on algorithms and insights, not infrastructure.

The AIRI technology stack includes:

  • NVIDIA GPU Cloud DL Stack & Scaling Toolkit
  • Multinode Training – AIRI Scaling Toolkit
  • NVIDIA Optimized Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Containerization – GPU-optimized Docker
  • Kubernetes Orchestration
  • Pure Service Orchestration
  • Scale-out Flash Storage

What our customers are saying

...Core Scientific’s cloud has allowed us to analyze billions of rows of data ...

“At Jam City, we are relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence to guide game design and transform our business. Core Scientific’s cloud has enhanced how we utilize data and allowed us to analyze billions of rows of data per day. We have seen an 8x increase in speed enabling us to train an entirely new set of winning AI business models.”

Rami Safadi, Chief Data Officer, Jam City

Jam City HPC Specs:  Hyperscale AIRI (DGX system + Pure Storage) and OmniSci accelerated software





FlashBlade Storage

Core Scientific Optimized Cloud

DGX-1 (8 GPUs)

30 TB

Core Scientific Deep Learning Cloud

DGX-2 (16 GPUs)

50 TB

Core Scientific Initiator Cloud

¼ DGX-1 (2 GPUs)

10 TB

Core Scientific Accelerated Cloud

½ DGX-1 (4 GPUs)

20 TB

Core Scientific Custom Cloud



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