Welcome to Core Knowledge, the Core Scientific Blog

Welcome to Core Knowledgethe new blog from Core Scientific. In an increasingly distributed and digital world, we believe Blockchain and AI are changing the way information is processed, shared, and stored across a range of industries. We want to help you stay at the forefront of both technologies. That's why we created Core Knowledge – to share our knowledge and help drive thought leadership for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. 

At Core Scientific, we are a company that was born out of identifying a need for companies that specialize in blockchain technologies. And we're continually inspired by AI and the power it has to transform not only the blockchain space, but every industry. We are continually looking for ways we can push Blockchain and AI technology forward while building a business focused on stability, longevity and transparency. Our tenured management team has deep business acumen across a multitude of sectors - experience that pushes us to focus on responsible and exponential growth. 

In launching the Core Knowledge blog, we will be focused on: 

  • Blockchain technology - what it is, and how it applies to various industries.
  • The evolution of AI and how businesses in various industries can and should harness its power. 
  • Regulation changes that apply to both AI and Blockchain technologies.
  • Market trends and what we see coming.
  • Technical deep-dives from some of our engineers.

As the technologies we harness evolve, so will our subject matter. We aim for this blog to be a place you can come to for both the high-level market trends, without skimping on the technical know-how that underpins these revolutionary technologies. 

We're excited to be able to showcase blog posts from our staff, who live and breathe these technologies every day. We're looking forward to getting into market trends, thought leadership and technology deep dives on the Core Knowledge blog. Please subscribe to the Core Knowledge newsletter to stay up to date on the latest Core Scientific news and blog posts.

Thank you - and let the conversations begin!