How Core Scientific’s Artificial Intelligence Offerings Break Through the Noise

As more and more companies have started to understand the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), the AI landscape has grown immensely. The chart below shows just how vast and diverse the AI ecosystem is, the variety of industries it has impacted.


With there being so many companies and products in the space, the question then becomes how can a company stand out with its AI services? The answer is simple: have a great product that speaks for itself and empowers the AI ecosystem.

Core Scientific has been able to cut through the AI noise with its Plexus offering, a MLops software stack. The Core Scientific Plexus software was designed by data scientists, for data scientists, to provide Data Scientists & MLOps teams the visibility they need to work together. Specifically, it enables teams to rapidly run a multi- and hybrid-cloud deployment and take advantage of both their existing infrastructure and the cloud if needed.

Out of its many advantages, Plexus has three important features:

  1. An App portal.
  2. Hybrid and multi-cloud support with workload optimization.
  3. Simplified large model training and edge fleet management.


App Portal

The Plexus app portal provides data scientists access to accelerated, open source, and commercial applications and platforms, providing a plethora of plug-and-play choices for Data Scientists. The app portal has a multitude of features that cover coding environments such as Notebooks, vscode and RStudio, platforms such as Pytorch, Tensorflow, Caffe or MxNet, and even GPU accelerated solutions such as data processing, databases, speech recognition or image processing.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Support with Workload Automation

Plexus also gives data scientists the choice to use a single pane of glass for their computing solutions. What that means is that Plexus is able to offer a seamless and consistent workflow whether scientists decide to run on their own infrastructure, co-located infrastructures or even on the public cloud. Furthermore, users have the optionality to utilize pop-up clusters to flex into the cloud if needed, minimizing overall computing costs. Plexus is able to provide personalized insights into a company’s resource utilization and aid workload through the use of an optimization engine that provides recommendations on how to increase utilization while reducing cost from single GPU uses to large, distributed training loads. Overall, Plexus aims to help your company make the most of its infrastructure.

Simplified Large Model Training and Edge Fleet Management

Lastly, Plexus makes it easy to train large, distributed models using best-of-breed platforms. Our single pane of glass means AI teams can seamlessly manage remote edge devices and models. 

With Plexus, Data Scientists and MLOps teams can take advantage of bursting capabilities to offer seamless integration with the public clouds in a true hybrid and multi-cloud offering. No need to get locked into a single provider. With Plexus, your AI teams have a single pane of glass for working across on-premise and public clouds.

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