Core Scientific Technicians go Above and Beyond During COVID-19 Shelter-in-place Order

How do you keep a data center operating during a pandemic? Start with an amazing team of dedicated employees and get creative! The Core Scientific team prepared in advance for business continuity plans in response to COVID-19 and the associated shelter-in-place orders. As part of the effort, Core Scientific provided on-site living amenities for our technicians, guaranteeing 24/7 coverage and ensuring that our clients’ equipment continued to run smoothly. We are incredibly proud and appreciative of our dedicated team members that volunteered to remain onsite to keep our facilities running while minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Below are photos of our DCTs (Data Center Technicians) RV housing and down-time activities while they were living on site. It’s not easy keeping a data center open during a pandemic and we certainly could not do it without our amazing employees and their willingness to put their outside-of-work lives and leisure time on hold for months to stay in place to keep the miners humming.