Core Scientific Is North America's Leading Purchaser Of Bitmain's New S19 Antminers

In the last weeks of 2020, Core Scientific has continued to cement its position as the largest blockchain hosting provider in North America with an agreement to purchase more than 58,000 additional S19 Series Bitmain Miners through September 2021. A response to incredible demand for our hosting services, this latest purchase will bring total 2020 purchases of S19 and S19 Pro Antminers to 76,024 over the past 16 months. bitmain-core-scientific-largest-purchaseOnce fully installed, we will have surpassed all other mining providers outside of China in terms of S19 units purchased; making Core Scientific a global leader in digital asset mining.

While Core Scientific leverages its expertise in managing large high performance computing facilities and infrastructure, our manufacturing partner Bitmain is empowering us to establish North America as a major hub for digital asset mining operations.

Our procurement of Bitmain’s latest series of Antminers, the 19 Series, has significantly expanded our operational fleet, and has brought the total S19 Series computational power hosted with Core Scientific to 7.26 exahash, while utilizing approximately 250mW of electricity.

Since we signed our last purchase agreement with Bitmain in June—when we announced the acquisition of 17,595 units of bitcoin mining machines for our hosting clients—surging demand from new and existing customers, including institutions, has fueled the successful deployment of Bitmain’s newest digital mining machines. The latest purchase agreement continues these earlier efforts.

As the leading purchaser of 19 Series Antminers by a single blockchain hosting company, we have established ourselves as the largest accredited shareholder-owned hosting provider on the market with over 655,000 square feet of data centers located in the United States and one of the leading hosting operators of hashrate in the world. We have also been named Bitmain’s sole cooperative and in-warranty repair center in North America.

calvert-city-minersWith the help of Bitmain’s latest SHA256 Application-Specific Integrated Circuit ("ASIC") miners, we are running increasingly energy efficient mining operations, while serving our investors with a fully built-out ASIC, GPU, and FPGA ready infrastructure. Importantly, we now have 450 MW+ of power under contract, and that is quickly growing.

In spite of an ongoing global pandemic, our team has served our clients well by maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, building patent pending technology, and providing best-in-class blockchain hosting solutions. Our long-term power contracts and inventory of first-in-class miners ensure we fulfill the industry’s digital mining needs faster than the competition, while stabilizing and securing the global blockchain network in North America, which offers mature property rights, the rule of law, and competitive electricity pricing.

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