Hosting and Infrastructure that Helps Ensure Digital Asset Mining Profitability

At Core Scientific, we are taking digital asset mining out of the basement and into the board room. We understand that stability and predictability of a hosting partner are requirements for sustained, long-term digital asset mining success. Core Scientific provides the credibility & stability necessary for ensuring digital asset mining profitability by: 

  • Operating at Scale – managing a diverse fleet of over 130,000 miners with 512MW capacity at our facilities, with the ability to host ASICs and GPUs.
  • Market Beating Economics – with long-term power contracts at low, stable rates, optimized terahash performance, fully-owned facilities, and on-site warranty repair center. 
  • White Glove Customer Service – with the ability to deploy up to 1,000+ machines per day per site.
  • Hardware Vendor Agnostic – cultivating unparalleled manufacturer relationships that help us access new miners fast, early and at market-beating rates, for our customers. 
  • Built for Today & Tomorrow – with our tenured management team and annual E&Y audits that help to ensure long-term, stable operations and corporate structure.
  • Fostering Partnerships – with top global pools that allow our hosting clients to reduce orphan blocks and rejection rates – earning them more cryptocurrency. 
  • Focus on Security – with 24/7 guard coverage, closed circuit camera monitoring, fully fenced sites and strictly controlled site visitation.
  • Network of Value Added Resellers – ready to host miners with less than 1,000 units, while enjoying all of the perks of working with Core Scientific.




Built for Scale

Our purpose-built facilities provide best-in-class infrastructure for your hardware. Strategically located in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and North Dakota (under construction), our sites are optimized for the unique requirements of digital asset hardware, including:

  • Energy pricing.
  • Geopolitical and regulatory stability.
  • Extreme weather and natural disaster mitigation.

We have 512MW of power under contract and our proprietary thermodynamic management delivers stable, reliable conditions that are optimized for blockchain transaction processing at scale.

World Class Proprietary Fleet Management

Our industry leading in-house management and monitoring solution, Minder™, combines our hosting expertise with data analytics and AI to ensure continuous uptime, alerting, monitoring and management.

Our custom firmware and optimization suite increases hashrate while minimizing power consumption resulting in improved profitability and longevity of equipment.

We have expertise with ASICs, GPUs and FPGAs at scale.


Security & Professionalism

Our proprietary management software and skilled team enable a streamlined set-up allowing us to get your machines mining faster. We can deploy 2mW per day per site.

Our facilities are staffed day and night with our highly trained operations staff that are focused on maintaining and protecting your hardware.

Our staff receives customized, on-going training programs from the hardware manufacturers. Dedicated customer maintenance is performed at the rack and our facilities feature on-site repair centers.



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Flexible Payment Options: Settle Invoices Using Digital Assets Through Bitpay



Are you ready to maximize your digital asset mining profitability? We can help.

Whether you're just getting started, or looking to expand, Core Scientific is your trusted digital asset mining partner. We can help you:

  • Increase Profitability by reducing costly overhead, power costs and reject rates.
  • Gain access to competitive hardware pricing through our negotiated volume discount with OEMs.
  • Save significantly on repairs with our on-site repair center.
  • Gain access to industry-beating financing.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your assets are safe in our facilities. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you maximize your digital asset mining profitability.