Gain Exposure to Digital Asset Mining Infrastructure

Core Scientific, the largest digital asset mining firm in North America, can help you make the leap into digital currency mining infrastructure, while minimizing your risk.

With our best-in-class blockchain hosting infrastructure, we help companies successfully accelerate their entry into this evolving space. Our white-glove customer service and professional approach are helping us lead the charge in brining blockchain out of the basement and into the boardroom.

Audited annually by EY, we focus on building trust and transparency with our clients through:

  • Deep Blockchain Expertise through our Tenured Management Team
  • Industry Leading Partnerships with Best-in-Class Hardware Production Companies
  • Access to Capital Investment Otherwise Unavailable
  • White-Glove Customer Service
  • Patented Fleet Management Software
  • On-Site Repair

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization get exposure to digital asset mining infrastructure.