The Largest North American Vertically Integrated, Self-Mining Operation

Core Scientific is the largest North American vertically integrated digital asset miner. We are focused on mining Bitcoin and other digital assets in the most efficient and environmentally conscious ways.

We believe Bitcoin and other digital assets have the potential to:

  • Enable economic empowerment
  • Accelerate the investment in renewable energy by providing stable demand
  • Provide an immutable ledger for a decentralized financial system




Built for Scale

Our purpose-built facilities provide best-in-class infrastructure for your hardware. Strategically located in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and North Dakota (under construction), our sites are optimized for the unique requirements of cryptomining hardware, including:

  • Energy pricing.
  • Geopolitical and regulatory stability.
  • Extreme weather and natural disaster mitigation.

We have 512MW of power under contract and our proprietary thermodynamic management delivers stable, reliable conditions that are optimized for blockchain transaction processing at scale.

World Class Proprietary Fleet Management

Our industry leading in-house management and monitoring solution, Minderâ„¢, combines our hosting expertise with data analytics and AI to ensure continuous uptime, alerting, monitoring and management.

Our custom firmware and optimization suite increases hashrate while minimizing power consumption resulting in improved profitability and longevity of equipment.

We have expertise with ASICs, GPUs and FPGAs at scale.


Security & Professionalism

Our proprietary management software and skilled team enable a streamlined set-up allowing us to get your machines mining faster. We can deploy 2mW per day per site.

Our facilities are staffed day and night with our highly trained operations staff that are focused on maintaining and protecting your hardware.

Our staff receives customized, on-going training programs from the hardware manufacturers. Dedicated customer maintenance is performed at the rack and our facilities feature on-site repair centers.