Utilizing Augmented Intelligence at T-Mobile to Transform Call Center Agents' Efficiency and Customer Support [S31721]

Learn how T-Mobile and Core Scientific have partnered to deliver augmented intelligence to their call center agents at mass scale. Running ASR on Core Scientific Infrastructure stack and NVIDIA’s Jarvis NLP software, T-Mobile is delivering NLU-based experiences that automate the simple and augment the complex for their front-line agents, and creating a low effort, highly accurate and overwhelmingly delightful customer experience.


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Joel werdell

Principal Product Manager, AI


Joel has over 15 years’ experience in developing products in large enterprise companies, start-ups and board adviser work. He has expertise in mobile, B2B, commerce, gaming, and artificial intelligence. Joel has a healthy obsession with user experience and product strategy, specifically related to driving business ROI outcomes. Joel joined T-Mobile in 2015 and currently leads a team focused on products that accelerate the adoption of AI company wide. In his spare time, Joel loves venturing high up in the mountains with his family and multi-day trips in the outdoors.

Ian Ferreira for website

Ian Ferreira

Chief Product Officer, AI

Core Scientific

With over 20 years’ experience in engineering in large companies and tech startups, Ian has expertise in software, engineering, UI/UX, systems architecture, product development, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and leading successful teams. Ian has a healthy obsession with end-user experience, high performance computing, and massive parallel systems. He joined Microsoft in 2004 as a senior software design engineer lead and received five promotions in 10 years. While there, Ian developed the architecture and implementation of Bing Ads, created the world’s first real-time bidding exchange, successfully launched the Windows 8 Ads-in-Apps, and launched the largest cloud deployment.