Empowering Data Scientists to Take on the Toughest Business & Societal Challenges with AI PaaS

Core Scientific’s Cloud for Data Scientists (C4DS) is a data science platform built from the ground up for AI and HPC workloads. Built by data scientists, for data scientists, C4DS enables you to focus on building, training, deploying and monitoring models, without having to worry about managing infrastructure. With our easy-to-use interface and agnostic app platform, you’ll never need to learn a new system again.  

Core Scientific's Cloud for Data Scientists is an all-in-one AI PaaS solution that helps Data Scientists avoid single cloud lock-in.  

  • Looking to use best-in-class GPUs? Check.   
  • Need to burst to the cloud? Check.  
  • Have existing hardware you want to take advantage of? Check.  

C4DS delivers flexibility and choice, avoiding single cloud lock-in and enhancing your AI operations to select the most effective cloud for your projects. 


Train a Model in Under 2 Minutes

Don’t get bogged down learning a new system or provisioning hardware. With C4DS, you can jump right in and get training your models 

Best-in-Class GPU Infrastructure

Take advantage of our data science platform with industry-leading GPU infrastructure including NVIDIA’s DGX A-100. We also support: RTX-8000 48GB , DGX-1 V100 32GB, DGX-2 V100 32GB, A100 PCI-e 40 GB, DGX-A100 40GB and many more.

Start With 1 GPU and Scale as Needed

Start as small as 1 GPU and scale up to a 140 node SuperPod – or anywhere in between.  

Application Agnostic

Coding in Python? Great! Need Tensorflow? We’ve got it! With 100+ Apps in our App Platform, you can use the programs you’re familiar with, and run them on the best hardware available, all from a single interface

Easy-to-Use Cloud-like UI

Our web-based GUI makes it easy to build, train, deploy and monitor your models while optimizing for cost or speed – all from one interface. 


The Core Scientific Cloud for Data Scientists Platform is SOC 2, Type 1 certified. 

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Natural Language Processing

NLP models require a lot of GPU memory and the need for distributed ML training. With a massive 48Gb of video memory, our RTX-based clusters and Plexus Software make training large models a breeze. Simply point and click to spin up distributed training jobs using HorovodDeepspeed or Spark 3. 


Computer Vision

Need the fastest GPU available today? Try the new A100 with an astounding 10 petaflops of processing power. With 40GB of HBM2 memory and the new AMD EPYC cpu, the A100 provides the highest performance available today. Connected via 200GB HDR IB, these servers offer best in class performance. 


Data Processing

When Moore’s law cannot keep up, try the GPU accelerated data processing, storage and visualization tools available in our App Portal. From streaming with Fastdata.io, processing with Brytlyt and Sqream, to visualizing with Omni-sci and Kinetica, our partner ecosystem gives you access to the latest and greatest GPU accelerators in the industry.


Automatic Speech Recognition

Need a cost-effective, high-speed GPU accelerated translation service? Our ASR ecosystem offers the best-in-class transcription services in a consumption-based model. 


Super Computing Centers

Our integration with SCC provides you access to large fleets of CPU compute with high-speed networking. Pre-processing images or run MPP workloads on cost effective infrastructure through a single interface. 


Are you ready to ensure ROI on your AI investment? Our data science platform can help.

Ready to ensure ROI on your AI investment? Our data science platform can help.  

Sign up for a demo and learn how Core Scientific's Cloud for Data Scientists can empower your team to: 

  • Train a model in under 2 minutes. 
  • Experience the best-in-class GPU infrastructure 
  • Start as small as 1 GPU and scale as needed 
  • Easy-to-use, Cloud-like GUI 
  • Turn-key access to over 100 GPU accelerated frameworks 

We're ready to help you accelerate your AI journey with our best-in-class data science platform. Contact us today for a demo! 


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