Core Scientific can help you leverage the data at your fingertips to reduce customer churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Today, only about 5-10% of business enterprises have transformed to a digital AI platform. Recent research shows that is expected to change to over 90% in the next 10 years. 

Telco companies can collect up to 6 billion call records per day - and that number is expected to increase exponentially - too much data for any human or team of humans to crunch. That's where AI can help telecommunications companies get a leg up on their competition: 

  • Reducing customer churn by using churn analysis and churn prediction techniques. 
  • Analyze customer service calls to ensure customer service and satisfaction levels - including finding gaps and where there could be room for improvement.
  • Predictive analytics for enabling data-driven business decisions, making them faster and more responsive.
  • Combating fraudulent activity targeting customers - including theft or fake profiles, illegal access or malicious calling schemes.

For telecommunications companies looking to kickstart their AI journey, Core Scientific offers a complete deep learning solution that includes our Core Scientific PlexusTM Software Stack, and the Core Scientific Cloud for Data ScientistsTM AI Platform. 


Designed for Data Scientists, by Data Scientists, the Core Scientific Plexus™ software stack allows you to run a private cloud deployment and take advantage of your existing infrastructure investment.


Combing leading edge hardware with the rich feature set of the Plexus™ software stack, Core Scientific’s Cloud for Data Scientists™ offers access to a co-located AI PaaS powered by leading-edge HPC infrastructure.


Put AI to work with Core Scientific's industry-leading capabilities and powerful solutions to maximize AI performance and insights.

We can help your business leapfrog the competition:
  • Focus on outcomes – free of operational and infrastructure hassles.
  • Get started quickly - with low-cost, low-risk, custom POCs
  • Manage workloads from a single pane of glass – across on premise, colocation centers, and the cloud.
  • Easily scale – from current to future business needs.
  • Maximize ROI – optimize your workloads for cost or time

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